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Euro-Mediterranean Hub for R&I

This portal serves as a learning and collaborative platform for Mediterranean cooperation. It aims at bolstering the UfM Regional Policy Dialogue on Research and Innovation (R&I) and facilitating the implementation of R&I roadmaps on Health, Renewable Energies, and Climate Change. By registering on the portal, members can connect with other R&I stakeholders across the Mediterranean region and contribute with new knowledge to the portal’s repository.



Browse relevant networks for Mediterranean R&I collaboration in the areas of health, renewable energies and climate change.


Cluster organisations

Browse relevant cluster organisations for Mediterranean R&I collaboration in the areas of health, renewable energies and climate change.


Funding opportunities

Explore funding opportunities for the Mediterranean R&I cooperation in health, renewable energies and climate change. Get information on funding programmes and initiatives at EU and national level, including opportunities coming from UfM-EU countries and UfM-Southern/Eastern Mediterranean countries.

Community interaction

Find your best R&I Partners according to your area(s) of expertise and collaboration interest. Enlarge your network and discuss potential collaborations!

Discover EU/Med interaction channels to directly exchange with relevant stakeholders, networking for the R&I cooperation in the Mediterranean region.

Register as a member to make the most of the networking opportunities and the knowledge exchange offered by the portal.


Explore the knowledge generated from the cooperation in the Mediterranean region in the three priority areas: health, renewable energies and climate change. You will find project results, best practices, patents, reports, policy papers, and other relevant publications.